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    In an era of technological advancements, XploreAR empowers businesses to forge lasting relationships with their customers through the captivating realm of Augmented Reality (AR). Our mission is to seamlessly blend the virtual and physical worlds, bridging the gap between imagination and reality.

    With XploreAR, your customers can engage with your products in the comfort of their own space, using our cutting-edge AR apps. Gone are the days of static images; we bring your products to life with dynamic videos, immersive 3D models, and direct links to your website, providing a comprehensive understanding of your offerings.

    • Interactive Marketing: Engage your customers with interactive AR experiences that captivate their attention and leave a lasting impression.
    • Increased Sales: Drive sales by providing customers with an immersive and interactive product experience, fostering a deeper connection and boosting purchasing decisions.
    • Global Reach: Break geographical barriers and reach customers worldwide, enabling them to explore your products in a personalized and engaging manner.

    XploreAR is your gateway to a world of ... Read more


    Team Size: 2-9

    Founding Year: 2015

    Hourly Rate:  ₹ 100-499/hour
    Entry Level

    Languages: Hindi, English


    Company PAN:  N/A

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    GST Number:  N/A

    Certificate of Incorporation:  N/A


    1 service offered by XPLOREAR

    AR & VR Development

    AR & VR Development
    Crafting immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences for entertainment, education, and business applications.

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    XPLOREAR is situated at 1 locations


    No.50, 2nd Main, 4th cross, P & T Layout, Anandapura extension, KR Puram Post Karnataka, India


    Where is the head office of XPLOREAR located?

    The Head Office of XPLOREAR is located in No.50, 2nd Main, 4th cross, P & T Layout, Anandapura extension, KR Puram Post Bengaluru, India

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