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    QualiZeal, North America's rapidly growing independent Digital Quality Engineering services provider, empowers organizations of all sizes in their quality engineering and test automation endeavors.

    With over 40 global enterprise clients, QualiZeal has successfully delivered 200+ projects, earning a remarkable client NPS score of 85. Their dedication, expertise, and ability to deliver tailored solutions swiftly have earned them recognition, including being named "The Fastest Growing Digital Quality Engineering Services Company" at the 2022 Global Choice Awards.

    QualiZeal's diverse portfolio caters to all Quality Engineering service needs, offering customized solutions for optimal outcomes. Their services encompass Quality Engineering, Digital Engineering, Advisory and Transformation, and Emerging Technology Testing. Utilizing AI and ML-powered predictive capabilities, they accelerate the testing process threefold and reduce testing costs by 75%. Their customized offerings ensure high-quality applications that align with business and marketing objectives.

    QualiZeal's specialized services include Software Test Automation, Software Performance Testing, ... Read more


    Team Size: 50-249

    Founding Year: 2021

    Hourly Rate:  ₹ 100-499/hour
    Entry Level

    Languages: Hindi, English


    Company PAN:  N/A

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    3 service offered by QUALIZEAL

    IoT Development

    IoT Development
    Developing interconnected devices that collect and exchange data, enabling smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

    Testing Services

    Testing Services
    Providing software testing and quality assurance to ensure applications meet performance and reliability standards.

    Implementation Services

    Implementation Services
    Assisting businesses with the deployment of software or systems, ensuring smooth integration and operation.

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    QUALIZEAL is situated at 2 locations

    Telangana, India

    iLabs Centre, Block B, 2nd Floor, Software Unit Layout, Madhapur Telangana, India


    9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy E, Ste 1030 Irving, United States


    Where is the head office of QUALIZEAL located?

    The Head Office of QUALIZEAL is located in 9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy E, Ste 1030 Irving, United States

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    What is QUALIZEAL's average cost per project?