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At the forefront of blockchain technology, we specialize in crafting cutting-edge online solutions tailored specifically for businesses operating on decentralized systems. Our expertise lies in designing and developing robust digital assets that seamlessly integrate with distributed ledger technologies.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses:

  • Website Design and Development: We craft fully responsive websites that effectively communicate your brand's story, showcase your products or services, and provide unparalleled user experiences.
  • Smart Contract Development: Our skilled engineers develop secure and efficient smart contracts that automate business processes, enhance transparency, and reduce risk.
  • Blockchain Integration: We seamlessly integrate your existing systems with blockchain networks, enabling secure and immutable data storage and transaction processing.
  • Decentralized Applications (dApps): We build cutting-edge dApps that extend the functionality of blockchain platforms, creating innovative solutions for various industry sectors.

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Team Size: 2-100

Founding Year: 2019

Hourly Rate:  ₹ 100-499/hour
Entry Level

Languages: Hindi, English


Company PAN:  N/A

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GST Number:  N/A

Certificate of Incorporation:  N/A

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Math Cody is situated at 1 location


369 Khudiram Sarani South, Dum Dum Cantonment West Bengal, India

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Where is the head office of Math Cody located?

The Head Office of Math Cody is located in 369 Khudiram Sarani South, Dum Dum Cantonment Kolkata, India

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