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Make in India Digital is a prominent online Digital Business marketplace connecting Industries and businesses globally, particularly those based in India. It serves as a comprehensive platform for manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters from India.

The platform has garnered a substantial presence, with over 3,600,000 registered companies and a thriving community of 2,600,000 active companies actively engaging in business transactions through Make in India Digital.

  • Vast Network: Make in India Digital boasts a vast and diverse network of companies, spanning various sectors and industries.
  • Global Reach: The platform extends its reach beyond India's borders, fostering connections with businesses worldwide.
  • Active Business Community: With a large number of active companies, Make in India Digital facilitates dynamic business interactions and transactions.
  • Extensive Company Database: The platform houses a comprehensive database of companies, providing users with detailed information and enabling seamless business connections.
  • Digital Marketplace: Mak... Read more

Team Size: 50-249

Founding Year: 2015

Hourly Rate:  ₹ 2000-2999/hour
Advance Level

Languages: Hindi, English


Company PAN:  N/A

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GST Number:  N/A

Certificate of Incorporation:  N/A

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Make India Digital is situated at 1 locations


Inder Puri Delhi, India

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Where is the head office of Make India Digital located?

The Head Office of Make India Digital is located in Inder Puri Delhi, India

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