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    KNEO Automation Pvt Ltd, based in Pune, India, specializes in delivering comprehensive industrial automation and software services to a diverse range of industries worldwide. Rooted in extensive experience, KNEO excels in designing, developing, and implementing Cyber-Physical Systems with seamless OT and IT integration, enabling digital business transformation.

    With a distinguished history of over two decades, KNEO Automation has collaborated with German partners to execute automation projects across 30 countries, garnering invaluable insights into the unique challenges faced by factories.

    KNEO Automation recognizes the significance of strategic partnerships and offers expertise and experience to automation equipment manufacturers seeking reliable execution partners for projects in India or globally.

    KNEO Automation offers a suite of cutting-edge products and services central to Industry 4.0 solutions. The MAPP (Monitor Analyze Plant Performance) platform is a proven IIoT platform that provides real-time data analysis of manufacturing plant operations, enabling informed decision-making.

    MAPP integrates various software modules, such as MA... Read more


    Team Size: 50-249

    Founding Year: 2003

    Hourly Rate:  ₹ 100-499/hour
    Entry Level

    Languages: Hindi, English


    Company PAN:  N/A

    Company Address: 

    GST Number:  N/A

    Certificate of Incorporation:  N/A


    3 service offered by Kneo Automation

    Software Development

    Software Development
    Custom software solutions tailored to meet business needs, from web applications to enterprise systems.

    IoT Development

    IoT Development
    Developing interconnected devices that collect and exchange data, enabling smarter decision-making and operational efficiency.

    Robotic Process Automation

    Robotic Process Automation
    Automating routine tasks with software robots, increasing efficiency and accuracy in business processes.

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    Pradip Lengare

    Posted 4 months ago



    If anyone gave technical round interview at kneo automation, please respond.


    Sachin Rajput

    Posted 9 months ago





    Kneo Automation is situated at 1 locations


    Office No. 501-505 , 5th Floor, Highway Heights Maharashtra, India

    Kneo Automation FAQs

    Where is the head office of Kneo Automation located?

    The Head Office of Kneo Automation is located in Office No. 501-505 , 5th Floor, Highway Heights Pune, India

    What major services does Kneo Automation provide?

    What is Kneo Automation's average cost per project?