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At Code Craft Crew, we're passionate about leveraging the power of technology to drive digital transformations that empower businesses to thrive. We specialize in creating cutting-edge websites and mobile applications that seamlessly integrate into your operations, unlocking new avenues for growth and success.

Our team of skilled developers, designers, and marketers is dedicated to understanding your unique business needs and crafting custom solutions that align with your strategic objectives. Whether it's building a user-friendly website, developing engaging mobile applications, revamping your UI/UX design, or creating tailored software solutions, we've got you covered.

  • Web Development: We create visually stunning and functionally robust websites that deliver exceptional user experiences. Our expertise spans various technologies and frameworks, ensuring your website is optimized for performance, scalability, and accessibility.
  • App Development (Android and iOS): Our mobile app developers bring your innovative ideas to life, creating feature-rich and engaging applications for both Android and iOS platforms. We specialize in cr... Read more

Team Size: 10-49

Founding Year: 2020

Hourly Rate:  ₹ 500-999/hour
Basic Level

Languages: Hindi, English


Company PAN:  N/A

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GST Number:  N/A

Certificate of Incorporation:  N/A


9 services offered by Code Craft Crew

AR & VR Development

AR & VR Development
Crafting immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences for entertainment, education, and business applications.

Software Development

Software Development
Custom software solutions tailored to meet business needs, from web applications to enterprise systems.

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development
Building online stores and platforms to sell products and services, optimizing for user experience and conversion.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology
Secure and transparent digital ledger solutions for transactions and data management across various industries.

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App
Developing web applications that offer a high-quality user experience, similar to native apps, on any device.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Optimizing website content to improve visibility and ranking on search engines, driving organic traffic.

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Karen Nac

Posted 10 months ago


Managing a COVID-19-related delay, Code Craft Crew delivered on time and with satisfactory quality. They are a listen-first partner. Pranjal and his team’s ability to grasp client’s preferences stand out. They are a listen-first partner.


Rehaan Sharma

Posted a year ago


I have been working with Code Craft Crew for more than a year now. The best part about it is a comfortable working environment. The colleagues are friendly and helpful. The management is quite understanding. We get an on-time salary. The co-curricular activities we have every month are fun and entertaining, helping us release stress and pressure. And there is nothing bad to say about our office.


Babli Khan

Posted a year ago


Amazing place to Work! Helpful Team Member, great environment. Long story short, wonderful place for an employee.



Posted 2 years ago


Code Craft Crew is a place where the best services are offered. Employees are very cooperative. Lots of opportunities to learn new skills and it's a good platform to explore yourself with knowledge. Amazing Friendly nature, often relaxed atmosphere.


Aditya Goyal

Posted 2 years ago


Great platform for freshers to work in a free and friendly environment and gain knowledge and experience in both technical and non technical fields, no work pressure, people are nice and very supportive.


Helen Russell

Posted 2 years ago


Overall, Code Craft Crew did a great job. The functionality of the wellness app is great. We’ve received positive feedback from our users. There have been a few areas we asked them to revise and update, but overall, it’s been very good. Pranjal and his team’s insights helped us alot in making the application far better than we expected. Thanks Guys!


Code Craft Crew is situated at 1 location


ITHUM TOWER Uttar Pradesh, India

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Where is the head office of Code Craft Crew located?

The Head Office of Code Craft Crew is located in ITHUM TOWER Noida, India

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